Auction Types

  • Penny Auction: Each bid placed will increase the final price by $.01.
  • Beginner Auction: You've just discovered GunBiddler, but you’re not 100% sure how it works. Well, we've set up Beginner Auctions as a way for you to grow accustomed to the bidding process in a low-pressure environment. You'll learn how to bid by participating with other beginners! Take note, though: once you win your first auction, you'll no longer be eligible to participate in beginner auctions.
  • Featured Auction: Auctions that always show on homepage regardless of end time.
  • Nail Biter: Auctions in which BidButlers can not be used.

Limit Busters

  • Limit Buster auctions are won or purchased via Buy Now and automatically deduct the specified number of wins from your 3-day auction win limits. This enables you to participate in more auctions. Limit Busters won't cancel out products you've paid for, they simply open up additional spots for more wins. When a limit buster is purchased, it will remove the most recently won items from your 3-day win limits.  Limit buster auctioins can be bid on even if you have already reached your auction win limits and will not be activated until the auctioin has ended and been paid for.  If you win a limit buster auction but do not already have your win limits reached please note that you can wait and pay for the auction after you have reached your limit.  Do not pay for the limit buster until you are ready to use it at that moment.  If you pay for it before you've reached your limit then then it becomes null and void.  This is the user responsibility and GunBiddler will not refund users who pay for this item before they need it.  Please keep in mind that limit busters DO expire like any other auctions that have not been confirmed and paid for after 15 days. There are three types of limit busters:
    • Bust One - Clear one win out of your account in order to participate in another auction!
    • Bust Two - Clear two wins out of your account in order to participate in more auctions!


I've won an auction! What do I do now?

  • Go to “Won Auctions”, located in the “Users” section. Here, information on total price (including shipping costs, taxes, etc.) and payment options will be displayed.
  • The user must actively confirm and pay the total price for the win to the seller / FFL dealer by following the steps on that page or elsewhere if indicated.
  • Once the winner has confirmed, the win is accepted. After confirming the win and paying the amount due, the winner will receive a confirmation e-mail from Subsequently the item will be delivered to the winner (subject to the remedies for breach of a Term set out in this agreement) or transferred to the FFL dealer of their choice. If an auction win has not been confirmed by the winner and paid within 15 days of the auction end time, GunBiddler reserves the right to withdraw the offer to conclude a contract. If auctions FFL documentation has not been received within 30 days of the auction end time, GunBiddler reserves the right to withdraw the offer to conclude a contract. If GunBiddler withdraws the offer, the winner’s right to pay for and receive delivery of an item will be permanently revoked. In this instance, the bids placed in that auction are non-refundable. Should bids that have already been purchased and used by a user not have been fully paid for, payments subsequently received from this user shall be treated as payment toward the bids not yet fully paid for.
  • Publicity: GunBiddler reserves the right to publish the name, region address and photograph of any winners. This rule is one of the conditions of participating on the website, which allows GunBiddler to provide the public with proof of the auctions won by users. This constitutes a fundamental transparency issue. As a winner of a major auction, you may be asked, depending on advertising needs, to take part in a photo session and a brief interview about the circumstances surrounding your win. The following rules apply to the photo session: the face must be uncovered, GunBiddler might require photo ID to confirm the winner’s usual appearance. If a winner refuses to comply with these rules, GunBiddler reserves the right to suspend payment of the prize. The information gathered may be used to write a press release sent to the media. Your win will also likely appear in one of GunBiddlers commercials, including but not limited to, television and radio, as well as on the website.


Can I bid if I live outside the US?

  • We only operate within the United States so you must be in the U.S. to play.


When does an auction end?

  • An auction ends when the timer reaches zero and no one else bids.


Why is time added to the auction clock?

  • Time is added to the clock whenever a user places a bid.
  • This allows for someone else the chance to bid if they want to. It's a lot like the "Going once, Going twice, SOLD!" approach of traditional auctions.
  • The increment of time added to the auction timer is 10 - 20 seconds depending on the type of auction. You can see each added increment on the label that is located on every auction page, just left of the timer.


What's the difference between auction ending price and the normal price?

  • Auction End price: The auction end price is the price of the auction item when the timer reaches zero. The winner will purchase the auction item for that price.
  • Normal price: The normal price is the retail price an item.