How to Buy Bids

  • After registering, you can select "Buy Bids" at the top of the screen. A bid can range from $0.60-$0.85, and comes in Bid Packs that we call rounds.
  • Select the Bid Pack that's right for you and follow the on-screen instructions to finalize your purchase.
  • GunBiddler accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Now you're ready to start bidding in one (or more) of our many auctions!


How does bidding work?

You've got two options when it comes to bidding.

  • The first is to click the 'Bid' button. Your bid will be recorded and your name will show as the highest bidder.
    • To maintain the highest bid, you will need to manually click the ‘Bid’ button whenever another user outbids you.
  • The second is to use the Bid Butler feature. We developed Bid Butler to enable you to participate in an auction while using the restroom, making a sandwich or whatever it is you need to do.
    • The Bid Butler will enter bids for you based on limits that you set— how many bids you’re willing to spend, as well as the max price.


How do Bid Butlers work?

  • Bid Butlers automatically places bids for you in a more efficient way than other auction sites.
  • Using Bid Butlers guarantees your bid will be placed randomly in the last 12 seconds. 
  • Bid Butlers will bid whenever the timer drops below 20 seconds, though it's up to the Bid Butler exactly when it will place that bid.
  • Bid Butlers will activate as soon as you click the 'Set Bid' button.
  • Bid Butlers may be deactivated at any point during the auction. Please keep in mind that the number of deactivations will be limited to minimize server load. 
  • You can set only one Bid Butler at a time per auction.
  • Bid Butler cannot be activated on auctions with less than 5 seconds remaining on the auction clock.
  • How to Use: In the Bid Butler box beside the Bid History section simply input the number of bids you're prepared for it to use and seconds remaining on the clock when you would like your Bid Butler to start bidding. Then select 'Set Bid'. 
  • If you what to edit a currently existing Bid Butler just set a new one with the desired total amount of bids. The old one will automatically be deleted.

*Please note that while the Bid Butlers function is offered on many of our auctions, it is not offered on all of them and you can only use paid bids with a Bid Butler. 


What are Voucher Bids?

  • Voucher Bids are bids that are won or acquired through Bid Voucher auctions. There is a $1.99 fee for voucher bids is a transaction fee which helps to cover the cost of system processing. This fee will always be shown under the Payment Information of every Voucher Bid auction.

What Are Bonus Bids?

  • Bonus Bids are free bids given to a user after registering, applying specific coupons, referraling other users, and various other ways.
  • Bonus bids can be used toward most auctions excluding firearms and some other items specified by
  • Bonus Bids cannot be used towards the Buy It Now Feature.
  • Bonus Bids cannot be used with Bid Butler.


Where can I see my bidding history?

  • Go to your GunBiddler Account and then go to "My Bids". It will display the last 100 auctions you've participated in.


I've placed a bid but i'm not currently the highest bidder, why?

  • GunBiddlers' servers order the bids based on the exact time they were clicked. There may have been other users who placed a bid immediately after you.


Where can I see how many bids I have placed in an auction?

  • On your GunBiddler Account Page, you will find an area called My Bids. This will show you how many bids you have used and on what auction items they were used on.


Auction Win Limits

We want to provide a fair and unbiased penny auction experience. GunBiddler reserves the right to limit the number of won auctions per user account. limits the number of auctions that a single user account can win  to a maximum of 4 per 5 day period. Also, limits the number of Firearm auctions (including all rifles, shotguns, and handguns) that a single user account can win to a maximum of one(1) per five(5) days.



Buy It NOW

  • If you did not win, you may still purchase the item at retail price using the Buy It Now feature.
  • You have six hours after an auction ends to utilize this feature.
  • Once you click the Buy It Now button, you will receive a credit of $0.60 per bid for the paid bids you placed in that auction toward the Retail Price of the item you are purchasing.
  • You may not purchase an item through the Buy It Now feature until you have placed at least one paid bid on the auction for the item you want to purchase.
  • Bonus Bids are not usable towards the Buy It Now feature.
  • Buy It Now is not available on Bid Pack Auctions and other auctions where stated.