Bidding Tips & Tricks

Bidding Tips & Tricks

What is the best way to win an auction?

Everyone wants to know how to improve their chances of winning an auction on GunBiddler. There isn't a guaranteed winning strategy, but here we'll offer you a few tips to help get you started as well as a few things you shouldn't do in an option. Tips: Place your bid within the last 15 seconds - By placing a bid in the last few seconds, you know the time will reset and you'll become the last bidder. If someone else bids, time will be added and you'll get another chance to bid. Bid on the cheapest products -You can get some crazy deals on our most expensive items. However, these items also tend to generate the most competitive auctions. Fewer bidders play small-ball, meaning that you are much more likely to win. Protect yourself with Bid Butlers -Bid Butlers are a powerful tool when given a strategic bid range. It can scare off the actual bidders because they know that Bid Butler will always place bids to keep you on top. Your chances of winning are increased, and they know it- which may help you intimidate your opposition. Keep an eye on other bidders -View the details of the last ten bids placed, so try to figure out two things: Who is bidding and when they place their bids. We promise this information can be valuable.


The 3 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make


Users new to our site often require some time and help before they start winning auctions.

We here at GunBiddler hate for any new user to struggle on indefinitely.

We understand you can shop anywhere, so we want for you to succeed on our site and to enjoy yourselves doing it.

So here goes a little article offering some tactical advice for you beginners.

It’s natural to feel daunted going into your first couple of auctions, so consider this your plan of attack.

1) Setting unrealistic expectations: We can't stress this enough, but users need to set realistic goals when participating in auctions. If someone is new to an online auction, he or she shouldn't expect to win an expensive firearm on the first try with only the cheapest bid pack available. We’re not saying it couldn't happen... it could and it has. BUT, it is highly improbable. Know that you’ll be bidding against users with far more experience and that the odds are against you because of it. While everybody loves an underdog, we encourage new users to start using the site by participating in smaller auctions. Beginner auctions are a perfect place to get going because the stakes are lower and the competition isn’t as aggressive. You’ve gotta crawl before you can walk, right?


2) Going for the big catch it’s not wise to immediately go after the most popular item on our site. There are a lot more competitors bidding for the high-end products, and many of them are our highly skilled 'in-it-to-win-it' veterans. Once acquainted with the site you’ll then understand that going after popular products warrants certain measures to protect your bid investment. We recommend that you commit to only one such auction at a time. Don't spread yourself too thin when bidding on the big-ticket items. Be willing to devote more time and money to increase your odds of winning. We find that any participant willing to spend about 1/3 of the value of the item in bids greatly increases his or her odds of winning the item.


3) As we always say, we offer a fun and exciting online auction experience for our customers. We think that a stronger grasp on the GunBiddler system will help enrich your experience and facilitate a better, exciting shopping experience.