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   » Why does the timer reset in the final seconds when a user bids?
   » Why does GunBiddler cost $0.60-$0.85 per bid to participate in an auction?
   » I just spent bids in an auction and didn't win. Can I retrieve those used bids?
   » Why are some items on GunBiddler more expensive than the prices posted on Amazon?
   » I see some of the same usernames in multiple auctions. Does GunBiddler have any bots or shill bidders?
   » I've been in an auction when suddenly, a new bidder places a bid and leaves. What's up with that?
   » I notice sometimes when I bid, there's a timer lag that lasts longer than one second. Why is that?
   » Can I be refunded if I purchase a bid pack but decide not to participate on the site?
   » Guidelines for Leaving a User Testimonial.
   » My account says I have bids but the top banner shows 0 bids left? ‚Äč


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