Why does the timer reset in the final seconds when a user bids?

Because it's an auction! GunBiddler wants to guarantee each user the chance to participate in our auctions, so we've adopted the timer as means of imitating the 'Going once... going twice... SOLD!'- aspect of a traditional auction.


Why does GunBiddler cost $0.60-$0.85 per bid to participate in an auction?

GunBiddler is built on a pay-to-participate business model wherein each bid comes at a cost. Consumers may purchase those bids in bid packs, which are then deposited into their Bids Account. Once a user buys a bid pack, he or she may participate in any auction.


I just spent bids in an auction and didn't win. Can I retrieve those used bids?

Per the ’Terms & Conditions, GunBiddler does not refund any bids used in auctions.


Why are some items on GunBiddler more expensive than the prices posted on Amazon?

GunBiddler maintains relationships with multiple suppliers and strives to acquire products at the best prices possible. Know that we value our user's business, and that we always strive to reward you by providing the best possible prices online.


I see some of the same usernames in multiple auctions. Does GunBiddler have any bots or shill bidders?

No. GunBiddler does not employ any bots or shill bidders. The use of such devices to drive bidding up (or for any other purpose) conflicts with our company policy. Users can bid in multiple auctions simultaneously, so it's possible to see a username in multiple auctions at once. However, a user cannot win more than 4 auctions in a 5 day period unless said user has won a Limit Buster Auction.


I've been in an auction when suddenly, a new bidder places a bid and leaves. What's up with that?

More than likely a bidder who does this is new to the site and isn’t following any strategy. GunBiddler suggests that all users read through the GunBiddler Bidding Tips. This doesn't guarantee that an inexperienced user won't jump around from auction to auction, however. Every game has amateurs!


I notice sometimes when I bid, there's a timer lag that lasts longer than one second. Why is that?

Lag issues can happen from time to time, depending on a customer's geographic location, browser, internet service and innumerable other factors. GunBiddler recommends that customers use specific browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, to optimize their experience on the site. You can read our recommendations at our "PC Recommendations" section at the top of the "Technical Problems" page.


Can I be refunded if I purchase a bid pack but decide not to participate on the site

Bid Packs are refundable until one or more bids have been used from that pack. I.E. If you purchase a 20 round bid pack and decide not to play, you may recieve a refund. If you purchase a 20 round bid pack and use one of those bids, then your bids are no longer refundable. Please contact customer support to request a refund of any unused bid packs.


Guidlines For Submitting a Testimonial

All user testimonials must follow new guidlines for acceptance. Not all testimonials will be accepted. It is up to the sole discretion of the GunBiddler Staff to approve player testimonials. All testimonials must have a unique picture showing both the player and the won item. If the item is an E-Gift card, the picture must contain newly purchased items that were bought with the E-Gift Card. The Statement must have a description of the item. To enhance your chances to be selected, it is advised to leave a lengthy statement containing information such as but not limited to, what the item will be used for, what the item has been used to do, any other activity you may participate in with the item. Please note, by leaving a testimonial you are giving GunBiddler approval to use your testimonial and/or picture in advertising campaigns. This could include TV Commercials, Print Advertisement, Internet Advertisement or any other media outlets GunBiddler sees fit for the purpose. Your testimonial and picture will also be displayed on our website. 


My account says I have bids but the Top Banner shows 0 Bids Left?

This is easy to resolve. Clearing your browsers cache should eliminate this problem.

For Internet Explorer. 1) Click Tools from the Internet Explorer menubar. 2) Click Internet Options. 3) Click the General tab. 4) Click the Delete Files button in the Temporary Internet files section. 5) If you still have a problem, repeat the steps above and restart the computer.

For Firefox, 1) Click Edit from the Firefox menubar. 2) Click Preferences from the Edit menu. 3) Expand the Advanced menu by clicking the plus sign. 4) Click Cache. 5) Click the Clear Cache button.

For Chrome, 1) Click the wrench icon on browser tool bar. 2) Select Tools. 3) Select Clear browsing data. 4) In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove. 5) Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything. 6) Click Clear browsing data.

For Safari, 1) Click Safari from the menu bar. 2) Click empty cache. 3) Click Empty from the pop-up menu. If it does not, please contact us for support.