New to GunBiddler?

New to GunBiddler?

How to Start Bidding

  1. Register: You'll need to register before you can start bidding on our sweet deals. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes.
  2. Buy Bids: Bids cost from $0.60-$0.85, and are purchased in Bid Packs. GunBiddler accepts multiple payment methods, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Upon purchase, your bids are stored in your Bids Account.
  3. Choose Products: We post incredible new firearm deals every day on our site. Where else are you going to be able to buy a brand new pistol or riffle for nearly 99% off retail? Browse through our list of auctions and start bidding!
  4. Place bids and win: Click the 'Bid' button to place a bid. Every time you bid, GunBiddler deducts one bid from your Bids Account, and adds time to the clock. This allows other users a chance to bid because, well, that's pretty much how an auction works. If you are the last bidder when the timer reaches zero, YOU WIN! If you need to leave your computer to use the bathroom, pick your kids up from school or go catch your favorite hunting show don't worry. You can use the Bid Butlers to place bids for you. It's the GunBiddler version of an automatic bidder. Once you pay the final auction price and shipping costs, the item is yours! Here's the part that isn't like a traditional auction: If you don't win, you can't reclaim the bids you place. But we do offer Buy It Now on most auctions. We will credit $0.60 for every bid you placed in the auction towards the retail price of the item. You only have 6 hours after an auction closes to use the Buy It Now. Buy It Now is not available on Bid Packs or any auction stating that buy it now is not available.

Are products brand-new?

  • All products on our site are brand name, brand-new, and factory sealed.

Is UltimatePenny considered a lottery or gambling?

  • Short answer - No.
  • Online gambling is illegal and GunBiddler does not partake in this kind of activity.
  • Gambling implies the uncontrollable element of chance, and because every auction on GunBiddler is customer-driven, there is no act of randomness.

Site Rules

GunBiddler Site Rules: The following rules were created to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to win and have a great experience at GunBiddler:

  1. Only one account is allowed per person and per household. (exceptions may apply - contact support with questions)
  2. Only one account is allowed per IP address. (exceptions may apply - contact support with questions)
  3. The number of auctions that a single user account can win is four(4) per five(5) day period and only one(1) of the wins can be a firearm .
  4. All Won Auctions must be paid for withing 15 days of winning or your won auction will be voided and all bids placed on that auction will be forfeited.
  5. No bots of any kind are allowed when using the site.
  6. GunBiddler employees and their family members (defined as parents, spouse, siblings and children) and any person residing in the same household as employees may not under any circumstances participate in GunBiddler auctions.

Important: Please note that breaking these rules (e.g. by creating multiple accounts for one person or by using bots) violates our terms & conditions and will result in the disabling of all of that customer's accounts. Any items won while in violation of the terms & conditions are not valid and will not be fulfilled. Further, refunds will only be processed for the amounts paid for these items and not for any bids used to win these items while violating the terms & conditions.